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Fedora + Atom

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This paper proposes extending Fedora to support the Atom Syndication Format in two different contexts: as a digital object serialization format and as a messaging format. Fedora currently supports two serialization formats for digital objects: FOXML and METS. The translation of the Fedora Object Model to Atom is possible with little or no extension to Atom, where an Atom feed represents a Fedora object and each Atom entry represents a Fedora datastream or datastream version. By supporting Atom as a serialization format, the variety of tools and libraries available for processing Atom suddenly become tools for processing Fedora objects. As a deposit format, Atom promises to improve Fedora’s interoperability with other, non-Fedora repositories by providing a repository-neutral format with widespread tool support across multiple platforms. Fedora 3.0 introduces a messaging service to provide notification of repository events. The messaging idiom of topics and queues neatly translates to the Atom idiom of feeds, with each event represented as an Atom entry. The widespread adoption of Atom has also resulted in an abundance of Atom clients. Using Atom as a messaging format enables, for example, the repository manager to use a web browser or email client to track repository events.

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