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FAO/GIEWs review of crop and food situation in Uganda. Special report

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  • E10
  • E14
  • C30
  • Food Security
  • Food Supply
  • Food Crops
  • Food Production
  • Agricultural Development
  • Diffusion Of Information
  • Fao
  • Market Prices
  • Socioeconomic Environment
  • Statistical Data
  • Securite Alimentaire
  • Disponibilite Alimentaire
  • Plante Alimentaire
  • Production Alimentaire
  • Developpement Agricole
  • Diffusion De L'Information
  • Prix De Marche
  • Environnement Socioeconomique
  • Donnee Statistique
  • Seguridad Alimentaria
  • Suministro De Alimentos
  • Cultivos Alimenticios
  • Produccion Alimentaria
  • Desarrollo Agricola
  • Difusion De Informacion
  • Precios De Mercado
  • Entorno Socioeconomico
  • Datos Estadisticos


Microsoft Word - SR Syria 2013.doc S P E C I A L R E P O R T FAO/WFP CROP AND FOOD SECURITY ASSESSMENT MISSION TO THE SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC 5 July 2013 FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS, ROME WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME, ROME - 2 - This report has been prepared by Swithun Goodbody (FAO), Francesco del Re (FAO), Issa Sanogo (WFP) and Byron Ponce Segura (WFP) under the responsibility of the FAO and WFP Secretariats with information from official and other sources. Since conditions may change rapidly, please contact the undersigned for further information if required. Shukri Ahmed Muhannad Hadi Senior Economist, EST-GIEWS Regional Emergency Coordinator, Trade and Markets Division, FAO Syria and Neighbouring Countries Fax: 0039-06-5705-4495 Regional Emergency Coordinator's office E-mail: [email protected] Fax 00962-6-515-4099 E-mail: [email protected] Please note that this Special Report is also available on the Internet as part of the FAO World Wide Web at the following URL address: and security/reports/CFSAM The Special Alerts/Reports can also be received automatically by E-mail as soon as they are published, by subscribing to the GIEWS/Alerts report ListServ. To do so, please send an E-mail to the FAO-Mail-Server at the following address: [email protected], leaving the subject blank, with the following message: subscribe GIEWSAlertsWorld-L To be deleted from the list, send the message: unsubscribe GIEWSAlertsWorld-L Please note that it is now possible to subscribe to regional lists to only receive Special Reports/Alerts by region: Africa, Asia, Europe or Latin America (GIEWSAlertsAfrica-L, GIEWSAlertsAsia-L, GIEWSAlertsEurope- L and GIEWSAle

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