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Address by Patrick J. Hillery, Vice President of the Commission of the European Communities to the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Paul Finet Foundation. Luxembourg, 29 October 1976

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untitled .. ADDRESS BY DR. PATRICK J. HILLERY, VICE-PRESIDENT OF rnE CQM.ITSSION OF·TiiE EUROPFAN CGMJNITIES, TO TiiE ANNUAL MEHriNG OF TilE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF 1HE ! PAUL FINET FOUNDATION, LUXEMOOURG, ON FRIDAY, 29 OCIOBER, 1976 AT 11.00 a.m. (Vice-President Hillery is President of the Fotmdation which was created in 1965 to help the children of disaster victims in the coal and steel industry to continue or complete their education). I I t ~ 1 ' User Rectangle ----··---------·-·--------- ·--- '· Ladies and Gentlemen, INTROWCTION: It seems no time at all since last October when we met both for our annual meeting and to conmemorate the lOth Anniversary of the Foundation. Like most years, it is one in which the things remembered JOOst have either a political or a personal significance and today' s meeting reminds us of both aspects of the past twelve months. I·. t f • I t ! ,. ' ~ ' • User Rectangle - 2 .. Undoubtedly the major event of the year for the European Conlmmity was the agreement that direct elections to the European Parliament should become a reality and that the first elections should be held in 1978. I am, therefore, particularly glad to welcaae here today Miss Astrid Lulling, who· was a member of the European Parliament from 1965 to 1974. and who accepted oor invitation to speak on the political significance for Europe of the decision on direct elections. Luxembourg is ''bane" for the Paul Finet FOWldation and we consider an address by a leading citizen of Luxembourg to be an important part of each of our meetings. Miss Lulling as Bourgmestre de Schifflange and a member of the Chamber _of Deputies is one of ~uxenbourg's most distinguished citizens. / .. t t \ User Rectangle .. - 3 - I am also glad to welcane among us today those ywng men and wanen who repres~t the Foundation's scholarship holders. The success of our scholarship ho

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