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Why do we need Science blogs?

Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Reuters, MacArthur, etc.
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  • L. Information Technology And Library Technology.
  • H. Information Sources
  • Supports
  • Channels.
  • Gh. Education.
  • Bc. Information In Society.
  • Hp. E-Resources.
  • Bd. Information Society.
  • Hq. Web Pages.
  • B. Information Use And Sociology Of Information.
  • Lc. Internet
  • Including Www.
  • Hz. None Of These
  • But In This Section.
  • C. Users
  • Literacy And Reading.
  • Aa. Library And Information Science As A Field.
  • Education
  • Political Science


Science blog presents great science and social medium for networking that makes social structure in blogosphere with great impact of interaction, getting new ideas, scientific results, publishing, values, visions, exchange, web links, and interactions between other networks, institutions, social growth, making the science open. With KoBSON blog there is a great chance to give them examples of various uses of blogs in science, education, teaching, research, networking, popularization of science, online activism, collaboration. What is the cost of having and maintaining a science blog? What does science blogging mean for the scientific community and education of a country like Serbia, especially after years and years of sanctions, war and political disturbances?

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