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Business Models of Transportation Electronic Marketplaces: an Empirical Survey

Croatian Assocation of Maritime Science and Transport; [email protected]
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77Pomorski zbornik 42 (2004)1, 77-92 ISSN 0554-6397 UDK 656.614.3:004.7385 PRETHODNO PRIOPĆENJE (Preliminary Communication) Primljeno (Received): 03/2005. Alessandra Marasco National Research Council (CNR) Institute for Service Industry Research (IRAT) Logistics and Freight Transport Research Group Via M. Schipa, 115 - 80122 Naples, Italy Tel. +39 081 2470961 - Fax +39 081 2470933 E-mail: [email protected] Business Models of Transportation Electronic Marketplaces: an Empirical Survey Summary Despite their relatively short history, transportation electronic marketplaces are already undergoing a difficult period of consolidation, which has forced many to cease operations or merge with other industry players. The high rates of failure experienced by most of these new web-based intermediaries justify interest in their future viability. This paper is part of an ongoing research concerning the strategic choices and the competitive positioning of transportation electronic marketplaces and it is aimed at providing a first insight into the characteristics of the business models of these intermediaries and their potential relevance for viability in the long term. Via an extensive literature review, the paper identifies a reference framework encompassing several descriptive dimensions of the business models for transportation electronic marketplaces. This frame has been applied to a sample of marketplaces. The results of the analysis bring to evidence some common features of the business models of examined marketplaces which are likely to positively affect their capability to survive in the current period of fierce competition and consolidation. Key words: infomediaries, transportation electronic marketplaces, market consolidation, business model 1. Introduction The rapid spread of electronic business and its underlying technology, the Internet, has induced a completely new landscape for the transport industry in recent years. Among the most significant effects of the wides

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