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The α-glucosidases ofDictyostelium discoideum:II. Developmental regulation and cellular localization

Developmental Biology
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DOI: 10.1016/0012-1606(81)90071-3
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Abstract Four isozymes of α-glucosidase in Dictyostelium discoideum have been identified and some of their enzymatic and physical properties characterized (R. H. Borts and R. L. Dimond, 1981, Develop. Biol. 87, 176–184) . In this report the cellular localization and developmental regulation of three of these isozymes are determined. α-Glucosidase-1 is the major isozyme of vegetative amoebae. It is lysosomally localized and secreted from the cell under certain conditions. It has an acidic pH optimum and carries the common antigenic determinant found on all lysosomal enzymes in this organism. The specific activity of this isozyme begins to decrease within a few hours after the initiation of development and is no longer detectable in the mature fruiting body. α-Glucosidase-2 has a neutral pH optimum and is neither lysosomal nor secreted. Rather it is membrane bound and is possibly located on the cisternal side of microsomal vesicles. This isozyme does not possess the common antigenic determinant. α-Glucosidase-2 comprises 20–40% of the total α-glucosidase activity of the vegetative cell. Its specific activity increases threefold during development. This isozyme appears to be developmentally controlled since it fails to accumulate in aggregation deficient mutants. Its accumulation is also dependent upon continued protein synthesis. α-Glucosidase-4, like α-glucosidase-1, has an acidic pH optimum. It does not appear to be lysosomally localized nor membrane bound. Approximately 30% of the activity is precipitable by antibody against the common antigenic determinant indicating that it is less highly modified or fewer molecules are modified. The isozyme is undetectable during vegetative growth and does not begin to accumulate until late aggregation. Activity peaks in mature fruiting bodies where it is the predominant acidic α-glucosidase activity. Accumulation of α-glucosidase-4 is blocked in morphologically deficient mutants and by inhibitors of protein synthesis.

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