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Marine Fisheries Information Service No.151

Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
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  • Marine Fisheries Information Service


S S N C>2ft.:|-.«J(I .X <^ VEtDSOF SLonioussEiincEi . in THE i MTIOII MARINE FISHERIES INFORMATION SERVICE 1947-1996 No.151 DECEMBER 1997 r 1 o H H l < : + n TTcT TECHNICAL AND UEKSSI EXTENSION SERIES ^ - ^ i l M^^ i-llR>H^cbl CENTRAL MARINE FISHERIES a r ^ S T F T ^FR^TFT RESEARCH INSTITUTE cblPciH, ^rrrcT COCHIN, INDIA J INDIAN COUNCIL OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH ^ T ^ wfr^ imil' ^TRT ^ : ^rg^ Hifow^ iTl TT 3n-£nfeT srp-srFT ^f^'m^t ^ ^\M\^'^, W^^ Hwt# gfrr q i w q M ^ % 4t^ TOR wi^^ 3fk d^^ l^cH l^ w ^4)J|!JIMI ^ ^^SJIHI rf^ ^widRd ^^ r^r g^ THE MARINE FISHERIES INFORMATION SERVICE : Technical and Extension Series envisages dissemination of information on marine fishery resources based on research results to the planners, industry and fish farmers and transfer of technology from labora- tory to field. Abbreviation - Mar. Fish. Infor. Serv., T&E Sen, No. 151 : December 1997 CONTENTS Article No. Article title Pages 8 1 9 Index for Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, Nos. 101-150 (November 1989 - November 1997) A. Title index B. Author index C. Geographical index D. Subject index 1-30 31-33 34-38 39-51 Front cover photo ^idi\4<»\ f^ Back cover photo ^ StRTTiTf^ Developing a system for the computerisation of information on books and Journals at the CMFRI headquarters library in progress. The system would facilitate easy location of publications by the users and would help regulating issue/return of publications more efficiently. ^ T^ qrj^ STR STTf gMTcRT % gW*Hi| ^ ^W=hi ^ ^ qfpRf# # g;^pn"# % vTrt)"/^ TTT# % ^ ^^^ ^ ^ % l%TT -i^ oq^ «^TT ¥Wf^ f^^FeT^ I A view of the CMFRI headquarters library in Cochin. The library has about 8,000 books and over 10,000 volumes of journals cind subscribers 120 journals rgularly while another 190 are received free from all over the world. Besides the staff of the Institute the library is being extensively used by scientists

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