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Medium filmu, filosofie, obraz

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  • Hi. Electronic Media.
  • Philosophy


The theme of the text "Medium of film, philosophy, image" focuses on the issues of media, film as compared with the medium of photography as the first case of technical image. Together with concepts such as movement, space and time, which is due to the transformation of the media thinking the film, but also very philosophical thinking, philosophy can explain the electronic media and culture. Change of thinking, moreover, introduces new techniques and ways of seeing the film medium. Thinking thus enabling him to constantly create something new. The development of thinking related to the movement and also with time. Thought itself is moving. This, however, in order to enter the thinking of another level, it helps mediality. New ways of seeing, then give rise to new forms of mediation. The film, which acts as a technique of film images, but also as a process of thinking, acting as an open whole scene is shown. The specific case of the movie ”The beginning of“ the text describes the problems of motion, mediality, cinematic and philosophical thinking, which is in the form of several levels of dreams.

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