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Manganese-Bismuth prepared by rapid solidification

McGill University
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The anisotropy field, $H sb{a}$ of LTP, is measured from 147 to 586 K by a pulsed magnet combined with the singular point detection technique (SPD). $H sb{a}$ increases with temperature, and reaches a maximum value of 9 T at 530 K. The critical field for spin reversal of a ferrimagnetic phase of MnBi is also detected by SPD from 80 to 200 K, reaching a maximum value of 8 T at 120 K. The coercivity of LTP is successfully described by a model of domain wall pinning which predicts, at 300 K, a domain wall energy of 15.7 $erg/cm sp2$ and a wall thickness of 70 A.

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