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Research of Automatic Monitoring System of Reservoir Based on Embedded System

IFIP International Federation for Information Processing
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  • Communication
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The automatic monitoring system of reservoir is an important means to realize modernization of reservoir management. This paper expounds the structure of automatic monitoring system of reservoir firstly. The system consists of three subsystems, which are acquisition subsystem, transmission subsystem and data management subsystem. Secondly, the design of the data collection terminal is studied, which realized the design of hydrological data collection terminal including hardware design based on embedded system and software design. The reason that affects data collection is analyzed and anti-jamming measures are given. And then the system structure of data transmission is offered, and the transmission mechanism of mixed-mode network, in which the elementary channel is wireless mobile communication and the backup channel is wire communication, is achieved. Finally, the data management subsystem is briefly introduced. The system is proved to be useful and efficient by the application on Xueye Reservoir. Full Text at Springer, may require registration or fee

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