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Status sestry dnes a v budoucnosti

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  • Status
  • Sestra
  • Kompetence
  • Profesionalizace
  • Ošetřovatelství
  • Vzdělání Sester
  • Historie Ošetřovatelství
  • Sestra Budoucnosti
  • Status
  • Nurse
  • Competence
  • Profesionalitation
  • Nursing
  • Nurses Education
  • Nursing History
  • Nurse Of The Future
  • Education
  • Medicine


Nowadays the status of a medical nurse represents a fairly actual topic. It is a profession where many changes had to be undertaken during a few years beginning with scholars education up to a graduation of a nurse and their responsibilities. A nurse not only plays the role of a caretaker and a helper but is also an individually thinking professional who has received a proper education and has his or her competence bound by the jurisdiction. The theoretical part focuses on the status of a nurse from the sociological viewpoint, on its development from a historical perspective, on changes taking place in the present and stretching to the future and on the trends we might expect in this profession. The practical part contains information obtained by the research which focused on the perception of the status of a nurse by patients, nurses and physicians. The aim of this graduation research was to question nurses in the Czech Republic about their contentment with their current status and explore their future visions, furthermore to obtain opinions on the topic from both patients and physicians. The H1 hypothesis was: nurses are not content with their current social status, was proved correct. The H2 hypothesis was: the ideas of a nurse about his or her future status in the society are positive was proved correct. The H3 hypothesis was: the assessment of the status of a nurse by a patient is negative, wasn´t correct. The H4 hypothesis: physicians do not follow the current status of a nurse, correct. The H5 hypothesis was: physicians do not display any interest in following the status of a nurse in the future was correct.

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