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Letter from P. R. Edwards to Joshua Lederberg

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IN REPLYING. ADD- THE Comm~ldde Disease Centel Enteric Eaacteria!ogy bboratori** P. 0. Box 183 Ckaraklee, Geoxtis FEDERAL SECURITY AGENCY PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE October 1, 1952 Dr. Joshua Lederberg The University of Wisconsin Madison 6, Wisconsin Dear Dr. Lederborg: We will be very glad to send the b; i; 1,2; e,h; and 1,5 serums requested in your letter of September 25. The b and e,h serum)can be used without absorption for typing. The 1,5 serunlfcan be absorbed as indicated in our publicationsfor single factor 5. We:hme not made a practice of sending out absorbed single factor serums, and in fact have on hand only enough for our own use. We will be glad to send the cultures requested. However, it will not be possible for us to send multiple isolates of S. eastbourne, S. reading and S. onarimon. The latter types are very rare in this countm. I have no cultures of them except the stock cultures. We do isolate a form related to S. reading which is rmnophasic and has the formula IV,V,XII: e,h. I can send you a number of those if you so desire. I am not sure whether we have found any cultures of S. eastbourne since we came to Atlanta. I will look into this and if such cultures are available I will send them to you. While in Kentucky, we found a few cultures of S. eastbourne. Unlike the original strains isolated in England the cultures from this country were indol negative. Perhaps indol positive and indol negative strains might be of value to you in your experiments. I am very sorry not to be able to send more than one culture of S. reading and S. onarimon. We still are hoping that your projected visit will materialize since we are anxious to see the actual work which you are doing. 35th best wishes, I am For the Officerin-Charge, Bacteriology Section PRE:mg Philip R. Edwards, Ph. D. Bacteriologist-in-Charge Snteric Bacteriology Unit ._ .“---. _-. ------ -_.-.- .- .._ -.. PHS 300,%4X) GA. Rev. 2-50 FEDERgL SECURITY AGENCY

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