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Design and analysis of vacuum-sealed lateral field emitter arrays for improving field emission characteristics

서울대학교 대학원
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  • Vacuum Sealing
  • 진공밀봉
  • Field Emitter Arrays
  • 전계방출소자
  • Field Emission
  • 방출개시전압
  • Transconductance
  • 전계방출
  • Stability
  • 트랜스콘덕턴스
  • Design


#02abs.PDF - i - Abstract New lateral field emission devices, which improve the field emission characteristics including sealing process, are proposed and the field emission characteristics are measured and verified by experiments. We have proposed a new lateral field emitter array, in-situ vacuum-sealed, which exhibits a low turn-on voltage and a high transconductance value without any additional vacuum sealing process. The vacuum-sealed lateral FEA (VSLFEA) is encapsulated during the fabrication process, so that it can be operated without any additional vacuum environments. Experimental I-V characteristics show that the anode current is field emission current obeying the linearity of the Fowler-Nordheim plot. The experimental turn-on voltage of about 9 V is in good agreement with the extracted one from the F-N plot. In order to verify the integrity of the vacuum sealed micro-cavity, we have measured the anode current of the unsealed lateral FEA, of which we omitted the sealing process, both in a high vacuum chamber and in an atmospheric environment and found that the structure was well sealed. The anode current as a function of gate voltage of VSLFEA is measured in order to verify three terminal characteristics and the transconductance are analyzed. The experimental results show that the VSLFEA has superior field emission characteristics such as low turn-on voltage and high transconductance and does not require any additional troublesome vacuum sealing. A new three terminal active controlled lateral field emitters, entitled ACLFEA, is proposed. The structure of the new field emitter is designed as the VSLFEA and TFT are connected in series. The field emission current of the ACLFEA is regulated to the drain current of the integrated TFT, and it exhibits an Copyright(c)2002 by Seoul National University Library. All rights reserved.( 2003/08/22 22:37:52 - ii - excellent controllability and stability of the

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