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Vogel-Wagner Family, Halberstadt. 1910-1960

  • Vogel Family
  • Wagner Family


The earliest item in this collection consists of a photocopied family photograph, circa 1910, of the Wagner family depicting the following individuals: Meta Wagner, Rosa Wagner, Clara Wagner, Joseph Wagner, Markus Wagner, Helene Vogel: the reverse of the photograph contains birthdays and some notes of their fate. The next document chronologically is a poem from 1938 entitled "Zu Vera und Max's Hochzeit am 6 Marz 1938, von Onkel Willy Salomon" (1938) with handwritten notes on family members on reverse; there are two documents on the same stationary from a settlement named "Revival" near Tel Aviv (present day Gat Rimon): one document has a letter on one side and likely a response on the reverse, both sides regarding helping individuals emigrate out of Germany (1940); the other document on the same stationary from the Revival community is entitled "Meine Forder√ľngen an das Hitler Deutschland" and appears to enumerate financial claims on the part of the writer. There are two Vogel family trees (one from 1653-1957, another from 1838-1958); handwritten notes on Vogel/Wagner family members vital dates (circa 1960).

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