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Petnaest godina hrvatske demokracije

Faculty of Political Science
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  • Law
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The speech gives an account of the evolution of democracy in Croatia. The importance of the role of the Croatian parliament (Sabor) is analyzed. The Croatian Sabor has not only been the institutional state/legal expression of the sovereignty of the Croatian people within various state and national entities (apart from the period between 1918 and 1941) but also an expression of communality as a manifestation of the freedom of speech, assembly and agreement – in short, the ultimate expression of the popular democratic spirit. In this speech, various aspects of the democratic development in Croatia since 1990 are analyzed. It is pointed out that in the last fifteen years Croatia has witnessed social and political protests and conflicts on a variety of occasions and for a variety of reasons, proving that it is capable of coping with ideological, social and political antagonisms and discords.

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