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Media and Methods for Isolation and Enumeration of the Enterococci11Journal Paper No. J-5257 of the Iowa Agricultural and Home Economics Experi-ment Station. Ames. Iowa. Projects No. 1050 and 1379. This work was supported in part by U. S. Public Health Service grant EF-112 from the Division of Environmental Engineering and Food Protection.

Elsevier Science & Technology
DOI: 10.1016/s0065-2164(08)70497-0


Publisher Summary In this chapter, an overview on the media and methods for isolation and enumeration of the enterococci is illustrated. A comprehensive comparison of media and methods representative of all of those presently available is urgently needed. These media and methods should be utilized simultaneously, using the same samples or subsamples. Subsamples would probably be necessary because the study should include interlaboratory or, preferably, intercontinental collaboration. Isolation and quantification of the fecal streptococci in natural materials of all types should be examined. Only when such experiments are completed, optimum procedures can be selected for specific applications with a reasonable degree of confidence. This chapter briefly explains the types of media available, and also the comparative studies of media and methods.

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