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Isolation of the native form of chicken gizzard myosin light-chain kinase.

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A simple and rapid procedure for the purification of the native form of chicken gizzard myosin light-chain kinase (Mr 136000) is described which eliminates problems of proteolysis previously encountered. During this procedure, a calmodulin-binding protein of Mr 141000, which previously co-purified with the myosin light-chain kinase, is removed and shown to be a distinct protein on the basis of lack of kinase activity, different chymotryptic peptide maps, lack of cross-reactivity with a monoclonal antibody to turkey gizzard myosin light-chain kinase, and lack of phosphorylation by the purified catalytic subunit of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase. This Mr-141000 calmodulin-binding protein is identified as caldesmon on the basis of Ca2+-dependent interaction with calmodulin, subunit Mr, Ca2+-independent interaction with skeletal-muscle F-actin, Ca2+-dependent competition between calmodulin and F-actin for caldesmon, and tissue content.

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