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Modern Spirituality of Young People - Between Tradition and New Religiousness

Catholic Faculty of Theology, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek; [email protected]
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  • Suvremena Duhovnost
  • Mladi
  • Nova Religioznost
  • Tradicija
  • New Age.
  • Modern Spirituality
  • Young People
  • New Religiousness
  • Tradition
  • New Age.
  • Religious Science


The article conveys the definition of spirituality with a special emphasis on the spirituality that is inherent to young people. It also gives the reasons for spreading of the New age spirituality that is very seductive to young people, but often diverging greatly from the Christian spirituality. In the second part the author mentions ten principles of a ripe and preferred Christian spirituality of young people as follows: 1) Theocentric spirituality theologically well-based upon the true religion of the Catholic Church; 2) Christocentric spirituality that features Jesus Christ as a friend of young people; 3) Spirituality that is open to the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit; 4) Biblical spirituality that is inspired by the Word of God and examples from the Bible; 5) Ecclesiological (ecclesial) spirituality that remains true to the Church Magisterium; 6) Marian spirituality that is under protection of Our Heavenly Mother Mary; 7) Contemplative and dynamic spirituality that lives by God and changes us and our world; 8) Sacramental spirituality that encourages us to receive the holy sacraments; 9) Integrative spirituality that connects the traditional and modern spirituality; 10) Spirituality incorporated into the mentality and culture of the Croatian people.

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