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Quality of Life I Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers in Kerman/ Iran, 2006

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Introduction: Foot ulcers are prevalent and important complication of diabetes In addition, DFU is associated with increased morbidity and higher mortality rates .This study describes the impact of DFU on health related quality of life (HRQL) using generic instruments. Data were obtained from 54 patients with DFU who were compared with 78 patients without foot ulcer. Method: HRQL was measured using the Medical Outcome Study-Short from (SF-36). Their FBS, creatinin, HbA1C and urine micro albumin was measured. Also they were measured for A/B index. Results: In this study 51.9% of cases had ABI scores of <0.9 compared with only 11.8 % of control group (P<0.001). No differences were found in any of the treatment characteristics (oral/insulin therapy) among two groups (case/control). A Correlation observed only between, Mental health & FBS in case group(r= .327 & P<0.05). Also there is a Correlation between Duration and Role emotional (F.377, P<0.01) and no difference between all domains and HBA1C & A/B index in control group. Conclusion: In general, Patients with DFU most or all of the time had statistically and clinically significantly poorer HRQL than those who did not have ulcer especially in patients who use insulin. These findings suggest that DFU is a significant clinical problem. Additional research is warranted to further characterize the effect of DFU and its impact on HRQL with disease specific questionnaire.

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