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Generating A Mathematical Web Service ClientWith xfy

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ??? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????? ???? 90 工学ジャーナル 第 7 巻 2008 年 3 月 Annual Journal of Eng., Ehime Univ., VII, Mar., 2008 平成 19 年 8 月 31 日 受付 , 平成 19 年 10 月 31 日 受理 xfy??????Web???????????????∗ Generating A Mathematical Web Service Client With xfy ???†?????†,????†,?????‡,????†† Hiroshi Kai† Takayuki Kawata†, Tomomi Nakanishi† Matu-Tarow Noda‡ Yasushi Tamura†† Abstract: Xfy is software for authoring compound XML documents in a WYSIWYG environment. It has exten- sible architecture with plugin or XML Vocabulary Connection Descriptor (XVCD). In this research, an automatic generation for mathematical web services clients with xfy will be considered. We will show it can be effectively implemented by plugin and XVCD. Key words: web service, computer algebra system, problem solving environments, xfy, XML. 1. ?? xfy?WYSIWYG??? XML??????????????????????xfy?????????? ????????????????????XVCD (XML Vocabulary Connection Descriptor)??? xfy?? ??????????????xfy????Web??????????????????????????? ??Web?????????????????Web??????? Lupin[6]??????????Lupin? ?????????? PSE??????????????????????Web???????????? ????????????????????????? Web ????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? XML??????????????????????? XML???????????????????? ?? xfy???????????Web??????????????????????????? 2. ??Web???? ?????????? PSE???????????? Lupin[6]??????????????????? ∗ H. Kai, T. Kawata, T. Nakanishi, M.T. Noda, Y. Tamura, Generating A Mathematical Web Service Client With xfy, ACM SIGSAM Bulletin, Vol 41, No 2, June 2007, pp.38-39??????????????????? † ????????????????????????

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