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Okáč horský ( Erebia epiphron ) v Krkonoších - biotopové preference

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  • Erebia Epiphron
  • Okáč Horský
  • Biotop
  • Management
  • Erebia Epiphron
  • Biotope
  • Management


Erebia epiphron was introduced by the German naturalist Joseph Soffner between 1932 and 1933 to the Giant Mts. The species was originally in the Czech Republic distributed only in the Hruby Jesenik. The introduction was successful and today is the introduced population as big as the original, in Jesenik. The goal of my study was to describe the habitat where Erebia epiphron occurs, and to compare the changes between the situation 2008 and previous surveys. I found that the most common habitat on which this buttelfly occurs is the mountain ridge above the tree line with unmanaged meadows (approximately from 1300 m), however, this species can also descend below the tree line. I found this species to be quite common at the sites of its original introduction. The results showed that the population of Erebia epiphron is large and stable.

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