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Amended proposal for a Council Directive on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons. COM (90) 453 final, 27 September 1990

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COMVIISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COM.\IDNITIES COM(90) 4'53 final -SYN 98 Brusse Is, 27 September 1990 Amenie:l proposaJ. for a mtiNCIL DIR.Epl'IYE on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons (presented by the Commission pursuant to Article 149 (3) of the EEC Treaty) Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara - 2 - EXPIANA'IORY MEMORANDUM On 6 August 1987 the Commission subrni tte:i to the Council a prop:JSa.1 for a Directive on the control of t.h.e aoquisi tion a.n::i possession of wea.p:ms .1 'lms proposal forne:i :rnrt of the work on the a.boli tion of 1nterna.l Co:mmu.1li ty frontiers, in particular the work on the proposa.l.s whereby, in 1992, a stage will be rea.che:i when police checks on the identity of a.n::i the &1.fety of articles tra.nsportei by them will .be abolishe:l at borders betr..;reen REX::; Member States. The European Parliament an1 the Council began consideration of the proposa.l in 1988. As discussion progressed. it became clear that the initiaJ. proposa.l could usefully be expan::le:i by the a.ddi tion on the one bani of provisions intenied partially to harmonize nationaJ. legislation a.n::i on the other of. provisions to facilitate travel by hunters a.n::i marksmen, two categories where public security is not as pressing a consideration, on the basis of a ha.rmonize:i document. The Conunission acco~l y presente:i an amen1ed proposal those lines on 13 November 1989.2 Parliament approve:i the proposal on 11 July of this year. subject to a number of a.rner.d.ments. Tnis by the Commission to the proposa.l for a Directive is interde:l to incorporate those of the arneniments adopte:i by Parliament which the Corrunission can accept. The Commission has acoepte:l those a.rner.dments which are not at variance with the purpose of the Directive, namely the abolition of checks on at COimmmity frontiers, ani which do not fun:iaroenta.lly alter the ba.1

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