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Management of Teacher Education (1) : Teacher education for meeting the reform of school organization

  • 教育的リーダーシップ
  • 校長
  • 教師教育
  • 教員評価
  • Instructional Leadership
  • School Principal
  • Teacher Education
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Ndc:370
  • Education


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the ideal teacher education for meeting the reform of school organization. It seems that the main role of school principal has been changing from the administrative leadership to the instructional leadership. However, the work-load of school principal has been increasing for the new additional roles. This condition needs the division of the total labor in school. The following policies are needed to solve these problems : 1) Teacher education should breed and equip the middle leader with successful instructional leadership. 2) It is needed to introduce the teacher evaluation system or merit rating system. The salary and personnel administrative system must change to meet the right or wrong of an individual teacher's instructional ability. It is the purpose for introduction of a merit rating system to raise a teacher's ability, to raise educational "quality", and to raise student's academic ability. 3) Independent and autonomous teacher training is important for improveing student's academic ability. This is one of independent and autonomous Management By Objective. 4) Teacher selection and adoption in personnel administration should be the objects of administration evaluation. 5) Principal should contact teachers and students every day, and his/her participating in creation of knowledge should become the nucleus-work. It is the principal's important jobs to make teacher into the creative staff, and to enhance their instructional leadership.

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