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Англомовна література жахів: еволюція жанру

ЛНУ ім. Т.Шевченка
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  • жанр
  • піджанр
  • література жахів
  • готичний роман
  • містика
  • емоції
  • Genre
  • Subgenre
  • Horror Fiction
  • Gothic Novel
  • Mystics
  • Physical Emotions
  • Cognitive Emotions
  • Supernatural
  • Religious Science


The article analyses the evolution of horror fiction genre, underlines the basic diachronic aspect and emphasizes the main typical features and principles of horror genre functioning, discusses the correlation between gothic and horror literature and touches upon the role of mystics in the process of creating horror fiction. Moreover, the article dwells upon the physical and cognitive emotions, that are evoked in readers by horror fiction and studies the roots of their appearance in the recipients’ minds, also it says about one of the most common emotion evoked by horror fiction, about fear and analyses the role of fear in the process of faith and religion birth and finds out the roots of archetypal characters. The author identifies the horror genre as a paradox one, because of the emotions it attracts with and mentions that the definitions of horror differ, so it is proposed to define the horror genre through its categories and subgenres and sees the perspective of investigation in studying the translation problems of the discussed genre.

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