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Flow Regimes in a Three-Dimensional Driven Cavity13;

National Aeronautical Laboratory
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  • Fluid Mechanics And Thermodynamics
  • Aerodynamics


Flow in a three-dimensional driven cavity has been studied numerically by solving the Mavier--Stokes equations. A third order upwind scheme is used to approximate the convective term and the Euler explicit scheme is employed for time marching. The motivation for the study has13; come from direct simulation of turbulence. However, the computations have covered the entire Reynolds number range starting from Stokes flow to unsteady flow to possibly turbulent flow at Reynolds number Re = 10,000. Flow remained steady only upto Re = 1,500. Comparisons with13; the available experimental data and the numerical13; results indicate that the present (24x24x24) grid is inadequate at higher Re. With the understanding gained calculations on a refined grid now be undertaken.13;

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