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Modelling economic structures from a Qualitative Input-Output Perspective: Greece in 2005 and 2010

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  • C63 - Computational Techniques
  • Simulation Modeling
  • C67 - Input-Output Models
  • D57 - Input-Output Tables And Analysis
  • O52 - Europe
  • Economics
  • Mathematics


The Input-Output model has made extensive use of graph and network theory, methods and conclusions, in order to carry out structural analysis; such extensions have yielded powerful insights on the relationships existing between industries in an economic system. It is customary in the field to take a deterministic perspective when analysing economic structures, using various measures derived from the Input-Output tables; yet the model can include stochastic experiments. This paper takes that course of action, aiming at modelling the Greek economic structure from a qualitative viewpoint for 2005 and 2010; moreover, sectors are divided by groups of differentiated technology intensity. The methodology is based on a model based on families of distributions that allow predicting and analysing network structures. Results are reached by a probabilistic approach, producing interesting insights about the economic structures under study, while revealing different behaviour of the different groups of industries, classified by technological intensity.

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