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Interpretation: Theory

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DOI: 10.1016/b0-08-044854-2/01419-x
  • Abduction
  • Cooperation
  • Encyclopedia
  • Inference
  • Translation
  • Communication
  • Linguistics
  • Logic


The category of interpretation has always contributed to define semiotics as discipline. If, in fact, this is the science of signs, then it is clear that it cannot prescind from the necessary and implicit work of decodifying those signs, reading them and thus using them. Therefore, in a semiotic perspective, interpreting is not just a decoding process that every act of reading and communicating involves; it is a dimension present at all levels of semiotic activity (from the perceptive one to the cognitive), that is always an inferential activity. C. S. Peirce and Umberto Eco have based their semiotic theory on these assumptions, clearing the role of abductive reasoning in the human practice and cognition.

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