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Jezičke pozajmljenice u sociolingvističkom ključu

Narodna biblioteka Srbije
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  • I. Information Treatment For Information Services
  • B. Information Use And Sociology Of Information.
  • Linguistics


The Socio-Linguistical Aspect of Exploring the Language is particularly taking care for the Speaking Differences. The lexical adoption is the subject of the Contact Linguistic, which observes the Area of Language impacts and conflicts, as the results of »Languages and Culture«. The Adoptions represent a very sensitive indicator of the language and non-language Reality of a specific Society. The Reaction against Foreign Words and Language Puritanism are based on prejudices; however, the Foreign Lexic is never noxious especially in circumstances when it contributes to the language understanding and when it fits into the language system of the Receiver. According to inexhaustible and practical Needs of the language telling, especially in the time of universal spiritual and technological/ development of the Modern Civilisation, the roots of the Folk Language Treasure, today are not adequate. Today, sane language sense accepts foreign Words as natural element of the Language, especially when the Terms are in questions. In its development, the Serbian Language was wide open for the Foreign Words, but it preserved its natural, folk shape and uniqueness. Pleading for the Idea of multi-culture and culture differences, we believe, when it is about the Science about the Man/kind and his Language, that it is very important to insist on radical, mixing of forms, on constant persistence regarding the differences, tolerance.

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