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Om medias sätt att framställa socialtjänsten. En undersökning av två svenska kvällstidningar.

Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan
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  • Media
  • Social Services
  • Social Sciences
  • Tabloid
  • Portrayal.


Abstract Author: Marina Linder Title: The media portrayal of the social services – a study of two Swedish tabloid magazines Supervisor: Lars Harrysson The objective of this study was to explore how media creates a picture by using the social services in Sweden as an example. The method being used is qualitive content analysis on 23 articles from two major national tabloid newspapers. The material is collected in the period between May 1st and November 1st 2010. The time period is checked by looking for major events which may have caught the interest of the media. From earlier research and my study it’s known that the genre of tabloid journalism has a major impact on how the picture of the social services are created in there newspapers. A discussion is made about using media theories to allow me to understand how this is used to set the agenda by making interested and aware of the topic in a particular way.

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