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학습자 생산 미디어(UCC) 활용교육을 위한 과학 교수-학습 모형 개발

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  • Ucc
  • 학습자 생산 미디어
  • 과학교수학습모형
  • Education


This study aims to investigate which elements of science-related video increase student's interest in the science classes and help their understanding of scientific concepts after adapting science-related video in science classes and develop a new teaching-learning method using science oriented UCC created by students themselves in science classes and investigate its effect. And We want to achieve suggestions by using UCC in science education. First, UCC Learning model was developed with theoretical study. This model is called 4C, it is composed of Concentration, Conception, Creation, Criticism. We have investigated the effect of 4C model in science classes. Results of this research, students recognized the most important elements of science related video to be the situations and experiments in everyday life. And making UCC including such elements improved student's understanding of science and as well as increasing student's scientific attitude. Also students' perceptions were very positive about using UCC in science teaching-learning process. We expected improvement of science affective domain improved the student`s science achievement. Therefore 4C model was effectively teaching-learning method in science.

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