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Regional differences in urine flow rate in the population-based Swiss Salt Survey.

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SMW: Supplementum 191 E s t a b l i s h e d i n 1 8 7 1 S w i s s M e d i c a l W e e k l y F o r m e r l y : S c h w e i z e r i s c h e M e d i z i n i s c h e W o c h e n s c h r i f t T h e E u r o p e a n J o u r n a l o f M e d i c a l S c i e n c e s Editores Medicorum Helveticorum Supported by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS), the FMH (Swiss Medical Association) and by Schwabe AG, the long-established scientific publishing house founded in 1488 Official journal of the Swiss Society of Infectious Diseases, the Swiss Society of Internal Medicine and the Swiss Society of Rheumatology S u p p l e m e n t u m 1 9 1 ad Swiss Med Wkly 2011;141 November 12, 2011 Annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Nephrology Montreux (Switzerland), November 30 – December 2, 2011 1 S Suppl. 191 ad Swiss Med Wkly 2011;141 November 12, 2011 S W i S S M e d W k ly 2 011 ; 14 1 ( S u p p l 19 1 ) · w w w. s m w. ch Table of contents Oral Presentations – Dialysis 2 S Oral Presentations – Hypertension 3 S Oral Presentations – Basic Science 5 S Oral Presentations – Transplantation 6 S Posters – Basic Science 8 S Posters – Transplantation 10 S Posters – Dialysis 12 S Posters – Hypertension 21 S Index of first authors 24 S © EMH Swiss Medical Publishers Ltd. (EMH), 2011. The Swiss Medical Weekly is an open access publication of EMH. Accordingly, EMH grants to all users on the basis of the Creative Commons license “Attribution – Non commercial – No Derivative Works” for an unlimited pe- riod the right to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work as well as to make it publicly available on condition that (1) the work is clearly attributed to the author or licensor (2) the work is not used for com- mercial purposes and (3) the work is not altered, transformed, or built upon. Any use of the work for commercial purposes needs the explicit prior authorisation o

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