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Mechanical Characterization Of Polymer Matrix Composite (Low Density Polyethylene With Rubber)

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This research is carried out to develop a rubber reinforced polymer composite using polyethylene resin as the matrix material and rubber as the filler. The material under study is the LDPE and tyre industrial waste rubber. The selection of waste rubber as the filler material is inspired by the environmental awareness to find a solution for cleaning and recycling a non biodegradable material. LDPE is recyclable and with good quality and special characteristics and by merging the recyclable and easy to find, industrial waste rubber, with LDPE, hopefully that the better material properties with high quality characterization can be created. This study will contribute on the process of developing the raw material of rubber reinforced polymer via using the internal mixer. After that the specimen sample will be created during the development process by roll milling and hot pressing the specimen sample. Then mechanical test in terms of tensile test is ready to be run. The tests conducted in order to obtain the mechanical properties of the specimen product. Hopefully via creating this brand new polymer matrix composite, the rubber reinforced polymer matrix composite, will give lots of benefits and have more quality against corrosion, wear, and durable and longer life span. This product also may save the world as this product reuses and recycles the industrial waste rubber.

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