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"...att ansöka om en adoption till sitt eget barn." - en kvalitativ studie om samkönat föräldraskap och närståendeadoption

Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan
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  • Second Parent Adoption
  • Same-Sex Parenting
  • Discourse
  • Queer Theory
  • Heteronormativity
  • Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Linguistics


Authors: Emelie Dahlstedt & Nadja Bjärenstam Title: ”…to apply for an adoption for your own child.” - a qualitative study of same-sex parenting and second parent adoption. Supervisor: Frans Oddner Assessor: Tove Harnett The aim of the study was to examine how same-sex parents perceive and construct their parenting in a second parent adoption. The empirical material consisted of six semi-structured interviews. A total of ten same-sex parents were included in the study. The interviews were analyzed using thematic analysis method. As a complement to the method, discourse and queer theory concepts were applied. In the stories of the parents, it became clear to us how heteronormativity takes place through the adoption process. Two discourses were identified in the empirical data: the adoption discourse and the parallel parenthood discourse. These showed that parenting can be constructed in different ways. The legal parenthood had different meanings depending on which discourse the parents spoke from. The adoption discourse represented a hegemonic position, and can be understood in a historical context in which legal parenthood is regarded as a requirement for parenthood. The parallel parenthood discourse, defined by performative statements, represent that the legal aspect is not a requirement for parenthood. By talking about being compliant and/or to make subversive resistance, the parent’s statements revealed how power takes its expression in the second parent adoption. In the empirical data, statements were identified in which the parents positioned themselves within the two discourses at once. This is an expression of the discoursive struggle. Based on parents talking from the parallel parenthood discourse, the challenging position indicates an attempted normalization process, and in extension the definition of parenting is changing. Keywords: same-sex parenting, second parent adoption, discourse, queer theory, heteronormativity.

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