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Descriptions of some new species of Orchideae from north-west and central India

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JOURNAL OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF BENGAL. VOL. LXXI. PART H. (NATURAL HISTORY, &C.) (Nos. I '1'0 III.-· 1902.) EDITED BY THE ~ATURAL jirSTORY ?ECRETARY. " It will flourish, if naturalists, chemists, antiquaries, philologers, and men of science in different parts of Asia, will commit their observations to writing, and send them to the Asiatic Society of Calcutta. It will languish, if such communications shall be long intermitted; and it will die away, if they shall entirely cease." SrR WM. lONES. -------------- CALCUTTA: PRINTED AT THE BAPTIST MISSION PRESS, AND PUBLISHED BY THE ASIATIC SOCIETY, 57 .. PARK S'l'REET. 1903. 1902.]· J. F. Duthie-Some new speoies oj O~~cllidere. 37 II.-Desoriptions of some new species of Orphidere irorl'/, North- West and OBnt1'al India.-By J. F.DuTH[E, RA.,F.L.S., Director, Botanical Department, North India. [Received 25th November, 1901. Read 4th Deoember, 1901.J Since the publication in 1898 of the four yolumes on the Sikkim orchids by Sir George King and Mr. R. Pantling, I haye been engaged during my spare time in the preparation of a similar work on the ol'chids of North-West and Central India. As, owing to more pressing work, there may be some delay in its completion, I have. decided to publish at once the descriptions of some new species, which have been discovered within the period during which I have been able to make a. special study of the subject. For the greater pori;ion of the material, on which the following des- criptions are based I am indebted to my friend, Mr. P. W. Mackinnon,' who for many years has taken a keen interest in the botany, and espe- cially the· orchids, of the MussoQt·ie district. Also, by hls haying carefully trained some intelligent· hillmen ill his service to work as· colleotors, some yery interesting results have been obtained. I wish to express also my appreoiation of Sir William Thjselton-Dyel"s kindness in allowing me to consult Mr. R. A.RoUe, the eminent oro

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