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An Enquiry into the Various Facets of Womens Careers

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Women’s careers are subject to personal, interpersonal and societal influences of various kinds. From an empiricist point of view, the study was done to get an insight into the various facets of women’s careers. The sample of the study consisted of 30 women executives and 30 women non-executives from a private sector organisation. The data were collected through qualitative research techniques. Results indicated that except for women executives of the private sector organisation, the other three gruoups derived primary satisfaction from family relationships with, career integrated with rest of their lives in a secondary way. Women executives of the private sector organisation derived primary satisfaction from their career or occupation. As regards to their levels of ambition, women employees aspired to hold a high position. The results showed that women employees resembled one another closely on ‘intrinsic’ value of having a reputation for extreme competence in their chosen fields. Women employees felt that their social circles tended to favour that women ought to be able to work a bit, but not so as to allow it to interfere with home and family obligations. Family was perceived as a barrier to a married woman’s career commitment. Particularly most of the women employees agreed that husband’s career plans interfere with a married woman’s career commitment.

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