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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to M. L. Morse

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August 30, 1956 Dear Larry: WeWe rushed thmugh the proof, and it's now in Dr. Brlnk~s ha&r. Don't worry about the finanaing. IWe ordered 250 reprints (SO oomre) to be shipped to you direo t; Sf you corn to ased more later, there will. be w. urvlcmbtedly adqqaate mipply hero. &a% 8rd 608~~ nor8 oards to r&flaOt [email protected] %~~kist~. One r8ason there isn’t a aore obtrlouo demand, of oa~trse, is t&it mst of the peafle on ny mailiw lA6t will not file raquasts- this amounts to abuut 400. If you are not going to ask-blish par own lb t for a while, I %%ll fnrrluda, ths two &L&L papem In my llbasa aaillng around &aa tine; I will aumam this fits your intmtion walens you ohmga your mind or let me iuxm TV the aontrary. Thaw were a couple of blibopem %n proof. LederQwg’e tiot 60 bad, but -. in place of ". *tight hccvs had @ome pqita gasping (33 tiey imren't alrsady). I hops them aren’t aubUar (therefore LI t3u wors6) ones still in. & Esther thinks Ocodgal ha0 a papar in BBAota on P * and lambda, but f haven~treen it, 80 the rafersncss to Hamhey LI tanda. axalti&g Hot muawls gsine on here. %&her will write you (tlhe started a lstbr weeks ago) about her aatlvltlm, Se Wright8 are in Europe, of crourae; [email protected]@ only wching l/2 tim, and all of that to m&e Isadium. So the lab’s pr~tically ";4" ty. Via have a portable alraond. unit &n our l.ab# but it only works about 1 2 tb t&w ibelf, but it helps take the edge off soim of the worst day8. f*m tied up personally lrdth L-forms right noa, learning how to make t proto- ptista pr&iferate, which Uey will do but only in agar under rather myathxil. Dienesian ootitiorvl. St looks like the pmtoplaatp, just bud. So far I iavm't been abls to mke srerial. pruraages of the L rroloniss, either with Protma or K-X2, but tMa ought to be possible soon. The Ueraaaatw0rdfromK$K; wesent*aaOal mubqxs&andIBO-awhU* ago. statue quo is that 1,4,6,7 are all Gramhe~a negatfvs; 2 &d N-342 are klnaswmgatlm. To ii& a wa3.dsnrrra autsnt

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