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From the Annales de la régie directe to Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics: 100 years of Transformations in an International Economic Journal

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A century of Annals (6.5.2008) - copie From the Annals of Direct State and Municipal Services to the Annals of Public and Co-operative Economics: a century of changes at an international economic journal Eric Geerkens University of Liège Introduction The histories of journals are often those of the movements which lie behind them, the debates which flow through them or the scientific disciplines they help to bring into the world1. These histories generally cover a short to medium-term period, no matter how long the lifespan being celebrated may be. If we are going to study a century of the history of the Annals of Public and Co- operative Economics, the changes to its contents, the people involved and their management decisions, we need to adopt an approach, a level of analysis and to divide things up into specific periods of time. Although the journal and the man were inseparable for half a century, we could not consider writing either an intellectual biography of Edgard Milhaud or a history of the Ciriec, even though it certainly was created to support the journal, because its international and domestic activities fall outside this original remit. So the starting point for the study lies in the contents of the journal itself. In order to depict its evolution over a century, to highlight areas of and breaks in continuity, the decision was taken to classify each article according to four criteria: the type of article, its main topic and in some cases a second topic, and finally the geographical unit(s) covered2. This information has been sorted for each of the periods described below and the results have been compared in such a way as to throw light on the changes between the editorial policies under the various editorial teams. However, as the journal is certainly not independent of the practical circumstances surrounding its publication — and the history of the Annals shows that there are often arguments over its editorial policy when it is oper

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