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Course 2, Chapter 5 - Thinking About Thinking

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Connexions module: m13345 1 Certificate of Teaching Mastery Course 3: Assessment Practices ∗ Fred Mednick This work is produced by The Connexions Project and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License † 1 Course 3: Assessment Practices Figure 1 1.1 CTM Overview 1.1.1 Getting Started Introduction Teachers Without Borders welcomes you to our Certificate of Teaching Mastery! At 59 million, teachers are the largest professional group on the planet. Together, we have the ability to significantly improve the quality of life for our children, our communities, and our earth. The Certificate of Teaching Mastery provides hands-on experiences coupled with theory and educational innovations from around the globe. In the end, you'll create an electronic Teaching Portfolio to showcase your work and develop a culminating Service Project - a professional gift to your community. Thank you for making the commitment to join us and for connecting with a widening web of global colleagues and kindred spirits. Our grandest wish is that you take what you learn and use it for the greatest common good - apply it with heart, with mind, with hospitality, gratitude, and celebration. HOW TO NAVIGATE THROUGH THE COURSE One Way is to go Page by Page: To get to the next page, look at the right side of this screen. You'll see a blue horizontal bar and just to its right is an orange-brown colored bar with the word "Next" written inside in black letters. Click on the word "Next." This takes you to the next page. Another Way is to view the entire Course Outline: ∗ Version 1.1: Feb 4, 2006 12:55 pm US/Central † Connexions module: m13345 2 This way allows you to see the whole course at once and to go anywhere. Courses are divided into several "Modules," which contain reading material, assignments, and access points to the TWB Learning Cafe. If you look at the blue

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