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Chapter C1 Design of industrial processes for dynamic operability

DOI: 10.1016/s1570-7946(04)80066-x
  • Design
  • Economics


Publisher Summary This chapter illustrates an industrial viewpoint on (1) incorporating controllability and developing plant-wide control strategies at the design stage of a new process and (2) the effects of design decisions and methodologies on dynamic operability. The chapter discusses the design of the new process (the unit operations used, the equipment parameters chosen, the equipment layout, the variables available to be measured and manipulated, etc.) plays a dominating role in determining how “controllable” and “capable” the process is. Furthermore it is economically advantageous to consider operability at the design stage (when changes are relatively easy to make) rather than wait until after the process is built (when changes can often be quite expensive or difficult to make because of equipment or layout constraints). It has been argues in this chapter that controllability and control strategy design should not be simply an afterthought of the process design.

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