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The Dynamics of Dense Cores in the Perseus Molecular Cloud. II. The Relationship Between Dense Cores and the Cloud

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  • Ism: Clouds
  • Ism: Individual Objects: Perseus Molecular Cloud
  • Ism: Kinematics And Dynamics
  • Ism: Molecules
  • Turbulence


We utilize the extensive data sets available for the Perseus molecularcloud to analyze the relationship between the kinematics of small-scaledense cores and the larger structures in which they are embedded. Thekinematic measures presented here can be used in conjunction with thosediscussed in our previous work as strong observational constraints thatnumerical simulations (or analytic models) of star formation shouldmatch. We find that dense cores have small motions with respect to the^{13}CO gas, about one third of the ^{13}CO velocitydispersion along the same line of sight. Within each extinction region,the core-to-core velocity dispersion is about half of the total(^{13}CO) velocity dispersion seen in the region. Large-scalevelocity gradients account for roughly half of the total velocitydispersion in each region, similar to what is predicted from large-scaleturbulent modes following a power spectrum of P(k) vprop k^{-4}.

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