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Workshops of the cinema industry - activities of Cinema traders, Ltd., reviewed

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  • Cinema Traders Ltd. (London) (Personne)


U.5 WORKSHDPS QF THE CINEMA INDUSTRY ACTIVITIES OF CINÉMA TRADERS, LTD., REVIEWED To those who are unacquainted with the activities of the technical side of the cinéma industry—and to many who possess some knowledge of the subject —inspection of the extensive workshops of some of its fïrms would prove an expérience in the nature of a révélation. Most exhibitors and others connected with the business will have come into contact with the well-known house of Cinéma Traders, Limited, Church Street, Soho ; with which has now been incorporated the engineering and projector manu- facturing firms, John Wrench & Son, and Kamm & Co., Ltd. The slogan of Cinéma Traders, Limited, has long been "Buy British and be proud of it" ; and we recently took a tour of inspection around the firm's factories and workshops to see just what is being done to provide exhibitors with an opportunity of putting that slogan into practice. The external appearance of the factories, as will be seen from our illustration, is distinctly imposing ; and we were certainly somewhat surprised to find such extensive and well equipped workshops employing so many people. Upon entering the Works, we were met by one of the vétérans of the electro-mechanical side of the industry, Mr. W. Engelke, whose face will be familiar to a great number of our readers ; and whose achievements have played a by no means unimportant part in putting the engineering side of the cinéma trade in this country on the plane it is to-day. After a little persuasion we managed to get Mr. W. Engelke to enlighten us with a few détails of his activities, and he recalled how, in 1897, with the late Mr. Léo. Kamm, he went to photograph the Head Office and Showrooms. Diamond Jubilee from a room in Cheapside. The Caméra, a "Darling," of course, contained no spools, and was loaded and emptied under a table over which had been thrown a rug to make a dark room. An excellent shot of the Procession had been taken, and Mr. W. Engelke was on ail fours unloading

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