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E-Banking Products and Services for Agribusiness Based Eco-Economy, with Ways “From the Farm to the Fork” in Forecasting the Developed and Developing Countries on Period 2020-2050-2100

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Before starting discussing about electronic banking services, we must believe of the revolution of electronic banking concept in rural area. The big challenge of the present is to render the power of the green concept in the context of e-economy development, especially e-banking. In this circuit the people of the future, the inhabitants of the farms and small villages, should be able to use a payment method for all the services. Commencement of electronic banking involves high costs, especially in developing countries. Getting a brand (brand) of trust this is very expensive and involves costs for commercial advertising, and in addition, high costs to purchase technology. However it is imposed for social development of electronic banking product development and not just in large urban communities, but also to rural and small urban areas too. This is required by the disparity between electronic banking culture in cities and representation of it in rural areas. This disparity needs a national, regional and global plan for developing rural area because the population of the world is increasing meaning the need for food is increasing; as we know the food is made in rural area, especially growing the livestock – this is the reasons for developing rural area. Beyond their direct role in generating food and income, livestock can be a valuable asset, serving as a store of wealth, collateral for credit and an essential safety net during times of crisis. Livestock are also central to mixed farming systems. Demand for livestock products in the future could be heavily moderated by socioeconomic factors such as human health concerns and changing socio-cultural values. There is considerable uncertainty as to how these factors will play out in different regions of the world in the coming decades [4]. The paper is divided into two sections. The first part makes a short presentation of the electronic banking products in general and then in rural area and the second part is a short description of the livestock production effect on food security at a global level through the analysis of official statistic data on the evolution of livestock production up to the present as well as an incursion into world data regarding events forecast by experts from FAO, OECD and other known research institutes for alimentary security at a global level up to 2050 and 2100. In the paper are presented new concepts, terms, and methodological schemes about sustainable development of rural farms. This paper presents useful information on electronic banking, and trend information on electronic banking in rural areas in order to develop this area.

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