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El Periodo Arcaico en Huánuco y el concepto del Arcaico

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
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  • Archaeology
  • Archaic Period
  • Central Andes
  • Kotosh-Mito Phase
  • Temples
  • Arqueología
  • Periodo Arcaico
  • Andes Centrales
  • Fase Kotosh-Mito
  • Templos


The Archaic Period in Huánuco and the Concept of ArchaicThe Archaic Period in the Central Andes can be considered as the period of postglacial adaptation and, in this sense, the necessity of comparative studies with similar processes in other parts of the world like Europe, Near East, or the Jomon Period in Japan should be revised. Not only for this purpose but also for Andean studies proper, it is necessary to proceed more sistematic excavations of the Archaic Period in Peru. The present article offers an interpretation of the socioreligious aspect of the Archaic Period or Initial Formative Period in the upper Huallaga basin in order to reconsider the concept of Archaic and reorganize a new chronological scheme for the Formative Period.

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