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Comprehensive model of synthetic bayer liquors. Part 2. Densities of alkaline aluminate solutions to 90°C

American Chemical Society
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  • Physics


Densities of NaOH + NaAl(OH)4 solutions were measured in isomolal series at ionic strengths (I) over the range of 1 ≤ I/mol kg -1 ≤ 6 and at total concentration ratios of 0 ≤ [Al(III)]T/[Na+]T ≤ 0.6 in the temperature range of 50 ≤ t/°C ≤ 90. A Pitzer model representing the volumetric properties of hypothetical pure sodium aluminate solutions was derived and incorporated into our thermodynamic model of synthetic Bayer liquor solutions consisting of the components NaOH + NaAl(OH)4 + Na2CO3 + Na 2SO4 + NaCl + NaF + Na2C2O 4 (sodium oxalate) + NaHCOO (sodium formate) + NaCH3COO (sodium acetate) + H2O. The model calculations agree with experimental densities of twelve 7-component synthetic Bayer liquors to better than 0.1%.

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