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Evaluation of the efficacy of anthelminthic treatments against sheep gastro-intestinal nematodes in Sardinia

For the University of Rome "La Sapienza" by Lombardo Editore
Publication Date
  • Vet/06 Parassitologia E Malattie Parassitarie Degli Animali
  • Medicine


Despite the rising of new methodologies for the controi of endoparasites in animais of zootechnic value, such as phytotherapy, homeopathy, and genetie selection for screening of resistant individuais (Gruner L, 2002, Acta SIPAOC, 15: 80-89; Carta A, Scala A, 2004, Parassitologia, 46: 251-255) and hypothetic vaccinations against NGI (Vercruysse J, 2004, Parassitologia, 46: 261), anthelminthie treatments stilI remains the most applied measure in the field.

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