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Gottes Wort im Munde Jesu uns sein Echo im Neuen Testament

Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya
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The text, full of connotations, that harks to both the Sinai and to the prophetic promise of a new alliance, refers to the community, to the community of the faith of living Christians, as a place where the annunciation comes into its own. The apostolic author is also a reader; he reads the letter from the Corinthians that he himself has written: An inspired author presupposes inspired readers. What creates the link is «the Spirit of the living God». He profits from weak men who not only herald, but who also listen. The letter that refers to all of this is not of itself the Word of God, but it gives testimony and makes its voice heard because it reaches out to all epochs and places, because Jesus has resurrected from among the dead and is as proximate to the messengers as he is to the recipients, to those who instruct as to those who learn, to those who speak as to those who listen. The word of God as spoken by Jesus is echoed in the Apostle’s letter and throughout the whole New Testament.

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