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Resistencia a tração da porcelana sob influencia de materiais cimentantes

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  • Ceramica Odontologica
  • Resistencia Dos Materiais
  • Cimentos Dentarios


The tensile strength of porcelain under the influence of luting cement was verified in forty-eight ceramic discs measuring 20.77 mm in diameter and 1.28 mm in thick, using Ouceram porcelain (Oegussa). The specimens were randomly divided into six groups: A - The specimens did not receive any treatment or IltIting cemen~; 8 The non glazed surface of the specimen was etched with a hidrofluoridric acid àt 10% for 4 minutes; C - Sil1i1ilar procedure of group 8, followed by the coating of silane/adhesive/resin cement (Choice Porcelain - 8isco); O - Similar pliocedure of group C, except that the ceramic surface was coated with Resin Cement (3M); E The ceramic surface was not etched and it was coated with zinc phosphate (S.S.White); F - The ceramic surface was not etched and it was coated with Vitremer Cement (3M). The specimens were stored. at 37°C and 100% relative humidity for 24 hours. Then, the biaxial test was carried by submiting the specimens to compressive stress on the MTS machine at crosshead of 2mm/min.The original' values were submited to the Weibull Oistribution. The mean values were: Group A=13.20 MPa; Group 8=10.19 MPa, Group C=178.63 MPa;Group 0=154.96 MPa; Group E=125.59 MPa; Group F=128.13 MPa. The porcelain tensi'le strength varied according with the luting cement and it was higher when the association acid etching/adhesive system/ luting resin cement was used

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