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Multifunktionale textilbasierte Schienung von Frakturen am Beispiel der Radiusfraktur

Saechsische Landesbibliothek- Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek Dresden
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  • Technische Textilien
  • Radiusfraktur
  • Medizinische Textilien
  • Technical Textiles
  • Radius Fracture
  • Medical Textiles
  • Ddc:610
  • Ddc:620
  • Rvk:Yk 5204
  • Rvk:Zs 5830
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacology


Technical textiles are one of the fastest growing sectors of the global textile industry, especially in the medical application which is considered as one of the most important applications of technical textiles. Plaster (gypsum) and plastics casts are widely used nowadays in hospitals, pharmacies and health care centers. But they are heavy, not washable, do not offer a suitable fixation for bone fractures (e.g. hand wrist) and always in individually sizes. After decrease of swelling, the cast is in a hard form and the stabilization effect of the cast is insufficient due to the occurring of distance between the skin and the cast. In this work, a new pneumatic cast is developed, that depends on a coated fabric as an outer layer, skin friendly fabrics as internal layers, air chamber and metal braces. For more comfort, the cast is anatomically formed and includes four internal layers of cotton/viscose fabric and polyester spacer fabric. The new developed cast controls the pressure on the injured part by using a pneumatic system. In a comparison with plaster and plastic casts that are heavy, not washable, provide an insufficient fixation after swelling decrease and always in individually sizes; the new developed pneumatic cast is light weight, easy to use, washable, mass-produced and offer the required fixation to the injured part during swelling conditions.

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