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La ruta de l'Exode. Exploració pel Delta del Nil i el Sinaí nord

Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya


The article follows the style of the early travel chronicles – published in the Revue Biblique – that tell the story of the explorations carried out by the Dominicans of Jerusalem in the lands of the Bible. There are also echoes of the book dating from almost a century ago, El Sinaí. Viatge per l’Aràbia Petrea cercant les petjades d’Israel, by the Benedictine biblical scholar Bonaventura Ubach. Our account, the joint work of an Italian topographer and a Catalan biblical scholar, deals with our exploration of the Eastern Nile delta and the north of the Sinai peninsula between 23 and 28 August 2010. The story of the difficulties, the surprises and the unforeseen incidents encountered on the journey are more than simple anecdotes: they take on the role of contextual markers that are curiously complemented by updated archaeological notes, geographical descriptions and biblical explanations which confer on the narrative cohesion and consistency as well as opening it up to systematization. The aim of the article is quite straightforward: to illustrate the biblical geography of the sojourn of the patriarchs in Egypt and the exodus of the people of Israel into the wilderness.

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