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Translation of Governmental Publicity— Enlightened from the Translation of “Five-dimensional Chongqing Construction”

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  • “Wu Ge Chongqing”
  • Governmental Publicity
  • Principle
  • Approach
  • Political Science


With the rapid development of Chongqing Municipality directly under the People’s Republic of China Central Government, Chongqing Municipality is more and more focused and well-known all over the country. And the construction aim of “wu ge Chongqing” arouses the interest of more people and is widely discussed. However, to internationalize Chongqing Municipality and to attract more foreign people’s eyes, the publicity is crucial and first and foremost. To attract more foreigners, the translation of materials of publicity is decisive and pivotal. Consequently, in this article it is to analyze English translation of “wu ge Chongqing”, and discover the principles and approaches in translating materials of governmental publicity, so as to advance the translation practice of governmental publicity translation and to improve foreigners’ awareness and understanding of governmental publicity.

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